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Welcome to the AGENTZ


Does your Pack or Troop need or want a website.
We provide FREE space for scouting sites.

This is the Pinewood Derby Page. Currently it contains some information on awards, the cars, the track, a Pinewood Derby software program for managing the racing, and a feedback section. Let me know if there is other info you'd like to have added.

Our current plans are to make track plans and finish line information available through this page in the near future. Drop us a note if you're interested.

To the left is questions and answers section that you can post questions in and community members will be able to help you with answers. Just join to "community" to be able to join in. Its fast & easy and lets you help each other out.

Before we start, please read this. It aptly illustrates the true essence of the Pinewood Derby.

Just Don't Cry!

We have recently remodeled our Pinewood Derby Store.
You can now find everything from A to Z at AgentZ's Complete Pinewood Derby Store.
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AgentZ's Complete Pinewood Derby Store

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Here we've got a few sample cars, some rules, and an offer to make your best Pinewood designs famous.

The basic parts The Pencil Car
The Basic Parts in the kits --- and --- The Infamous Pencil Car!

If you've got a dynamite car that you'd like displayed in our archives, please ask your parents and send a picture along with your name and pack number to us at AgentZ - Scout Archives, P.O. Box 8521, CA 92515-8521 or e-mail a picture with your information. We can't guarantee all pictures will be posted. If you'd like your picture returned after we scan it in, please provide return postage.

Some typical Pinewood entries

Here are some images of cars others have created.
(You can have your Pinewood creation shown on our site. Click on the link above to see how.)

Remember that although parents can help, it is better to let the scout do most of the work. If there are frustrated parents that are mechanical engineers (at heart) it is better to set up a competition strictly for the adults, separate from the kids competition. Not only is it patently unfair for adult built cars to compete against the kids but we feel that it flys in the face of the spirit of the competition. Let the kids be kids and compete fairly, head-to head. Let the Big Kids (adults) compete on their own level.

What we've found is that each year, the boys become more comfortable with each piece of the car and assembly. Let them learn the tools and techniques on their own. Don't crush their fragile egos by making them compete against you!

Our tech inspection tools are scales with 0.1 ounce accuracy and our magic box (plans forthcoming). Scales to make sure the weight limit is not exceeded and the magic box checks the height, width and wheelbase.

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Need a scale?
Check out this low cost unit             >           >       >     >   >

Here are some technical specifications:
  • Scale type: Digital postal/kitchen scale
  • Applications: Postal, kitchen
  • Maximum weight capacity: 3-pounds
  • Measurement units: Ounces, pounds and ounces (in 0.1-ounce increments), or grams (in 2-gram increments)
  • Tare function: Yes
  • Shipping weight: 2.0-pounds
  • Warranty: 1-year

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Pinewood Pro Pinewood Derby car winning secrets, designs, free speed tips, speed axles, wheels, blocks, lubes and accessories to make your pine wood derby car a winner.

ABC Pinewood Derby A free source of pinewood derby information for beginners and experts.

Grand Prix Racing - The Science of Fast Pinewood Cars

Building a Competitive Pinewood Car(Graphical Version)

Randy Worcester's - Ultimate Pinewood Derby Page
The #1 FREE pinewood derby site on the web!

Jay's - Pinewood Derby Page

Maximum Velocity - Pinewood Derby Car Plans and Supplies

Pinewood Derby Tips for Tool Impaired Cub Scout Leaders by Randy Worcester ( Cubmaster - Pack 15 of Madison, Mississippi ) includes tips on racing, building, awards, and more.

Top Secret - Pinewood Derby Video packed with over 30 tips guaranteed to help Cub Scouts and their parents build a winning Pinewood Derby Car.

The Winning Edge How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby teaches you the specifics of building a pinewood car for speed. After entering the site click on SEARCH at the top of the page and enter "pinewood" (without the quotes) into the search box. They have trophies, emblems, pins, decals and more.

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Commercially available Derby Management Software.
The AgentZ is now an official distributor of The Grand Prix Organinzer


Click the image above to find out more...

Make your Grand Prix/Pinewood Derby event better, more fun, easier to organize. The Grand Prix Organizer™ (GPO) handles many details of organizing your Grand Prix/Pinewood Derby.

We've gotten an awful lot of requests for the Pinewood Derby program we use. It's not a commercially available software package. One of our previous leaders wrote a DOS program to handle the races. If you'd like to check it out, please fill out the following form to download it and we'll keep you informed of changes and updates.

Pinewood Derby Software Request Form

 Contact Name: 
Email Address:  
To help us guide future development, does your unit: Have a Pinewood track? Yes No If Yes, how many lanes? Would you like to see the software ported to:
Win 3.x Win 95 Macintosh Other

After you've filled out the form, press the button labeled 'Submit request'. This will register your information and bring you to the download page. If you make a mistake, you can clear out the entire form or just change the individual field.

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A Chaotic-Rotation Excel spreadsheet fron Troop 18 of Everett Washington can be found here.

Commercially available Derby Management Software.
The AgentZ is now an official distributor of The Grand Prix Organinzer

Make your Grand Prix/Pinewood Derby event better, more fun, easier to organize. The Grand Prix Organizer™ (GPO) handles many details of organizing your Grand Prix/Pinewood Derby.


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Our Pack has a really cool track. 6 lanes wide with an electronic starting gate and finish line. It's so popular it's been used for the last few years by the Mene Oto District for the annual race.

Here's a picture of the track setup at the District Pinewood Derby. The little dark box like structure in the foreground is our digital readout finish line.

Want to build your own track?

Four-Lane Derby Track Plans

Commercially available tracks:

BestTrack TM, the Only All Aluminum Track for Pinewood Derby, Awana Grand Prix, Kub Kar Rally or Royal Ranger race you can add lanes to as your budget allows! 3-D Solids CAD Designed For Speed and Accuracy.

Timers and Finish Lines

  • New Directions in Vienna, VA manufactures The Judge - an electronic finish line with elapsed time and computer interface options.
  • Timestoppers have been a favorite of Cub Scouts for over 20 years. Since 1982, Scouts have used Intelligent Automation's Timestopper timers and judges to not only assure successful and efficient race events, but to quantify subtle design enhancements to their cars (or other vehicles).
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